ST PROJEKT Sp. z o.o. began trading in 1996 as a subsidiary of the German company ST Bau Holding registered in Weißenhorn. Today, the company serves the Polish market. Since 1998 we have accompanied retailing companies as a partner in their expansion in Poland. Our services include: sale of real estates for shopping and service centre construction, mediation in selling land for shopping and service centre construction, lease of shopping and service facilities, execution of building projects (particularly shopping and service centres), purchase of shopping and service centres. The experience we have gained confirms the attraction of our offer and makes us open to cooperate and to constantly expand the list of our partners.

ST PROJEKTis an investment company which offers “turn-key” construction of shopping and service facilities for renowned retailing chains. The company defines detailed programme requirements for trading centres, draws up and implements land management concepts for retail trade facilities and usable space management concepts, completes construction projects and manages buildings. Our services are esteemed not only by our clients but also by our partner companies. The quality of our services attracts the greatest international retail chain companies. As a company providing services to lessees, we offer suitable land to retail chain companies, after which we enter into a long term lease contract. In agreement with our lessees we perform construction undertakings, from design to the completion of the facility. As an investor we are always available, and with cooperation building on mutual confidence success is assured.